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As Nurer Sigorta, we have been continuing our agency activities since 1996. Under the leadership of our founder, Hakan Eren, we believe that we have taken utmost care to convey accurate information about insurance to all our customers we have contacted so far, and we are growing on the solid foundations we have built based on trust, accompanied by the trust and loyalty of our customers.

Nurer Insurance Consultancy is an insurance risk consultancy company that works with successful companies in accident, fire, transportation, engineering, agriculture, legal protection and health insurance and provides the right solution suggestions to insured candidates. The principle of paying damages immediately and in full, which has not changed for years, has become a source of confidence for our customers. In recent years, insured candidates prefer professionals who embrace insurance as a profession and fulfill its requirements. Being aware of this, our institution works with industry professionals and trains new professionals. In addition to different product and price alternatives, it has adopted as a standard the aim of planning, implementing, controlling and continuously improving all the activities we carry out in our company in a way that turns customer expectations and demands into customer satisfaction.

We know that being able to access information quickly, accurately and with multiple alternatives will increase your satisfaction. As Nurer Sigorta, we are here to be with you at all times for all your insurance needs and to provide you with the fastest service.

Our Basic Working Principles
Accurate determination of customer needs and identification of deficiencies
Right product, right pricing
A communication based on continuous information
Uninterrupted service before and after policy with knowledge, foresight and experience
Complete customer satisfaction

About Our Business

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